Core Differentiators


Our "no upfront retainer payment" and "no fees unless a transaction is closed" business model enables the owners of a business to test the waters when it comes to selling their business with the added benefit of receiving guidance from a seasoned team of C-level executives.

There is no requirement for our clients to "accept" any offer in the event our team is successful in sourcing one or more offers.

Furthermore, as we have seen with many clients, our structure provides Owners and Boards of Directors who previously paid upfront fees to investment bankers or other M&A firms - yet did not achieve the outcome they had hoped for - another chance to find quality suitors without having to pay any additional upfront fees.


FOR BUYERS OF COMPANIES - (Buy-side Clients)


Prospective buyers of companies also appreciate the "no upfront retainer payment" and "no fees unless a transaction is closed" business model as this structure enables the evaluation (e.g. review of Confidential Information Memorandums, Financials, Owner/CEO/CFO meetings in person of video call, etc) of dozens of acquisition targets - new opportunities are being on-boarded each month - without the costs incurred (as compared to utilizing traditional investment banks that charge upfront buy-side fees).

Our business model is also great for smaller entrepreneurial private equity firms (comprised of one or two people or recent business school graduates) looking for their first acquisition as well as those utilizing "search fund" format/structure to uncover potential acquisition opportunities.



- Some other reasons to choose to work with M&A Catalyst™ -



Serving in dual roles as an owner and manager of many technology-centric and startup businesses which have secured either or both institutional venture capital and angel financing then subsequently were sold, clients benefit from twenty-five years of experience structuring and closing merger and acquisition transactions with the sensibility that comes along with actual operational experience.



As businesses from all sectors - Manufacturing businesses, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Services companies, Recycling, Staffing, Construction, Property Management, Environmental, Food & Beverage, Apparel, etc - continue to integrate and benefit from technology and data at their core to improve margins and productivity (e.g. IoT, RFID, AR/VR, Blockchain, Cloud/AI, etc) to grow their business as well as improve their operating efficiencies, it remains important to have a tech-centric perspective when packaging companies for a prospective sale or when evaluating companies for a prospective purchase.



Our team's decades of experience with regard to quantifying then providing a monetization roadmap for intellectual assets within operating businesses (e.g. legacy and new technology-based opportunities, patents - issued, pending and yet to be drafted, trademarks, best practices, proprietary know-how/methods/recipes/etc, business processes, copyright, etc) provides an additional significant benefit to prospective clients on both the Sell-side (often boosting valuation/multiple) and Buy-side (often improving long term return on investment).