We match 1000+ PE firms with business Owners who are seeking to sell their business.




If you are a business Owner with $5M to $80m in Annual Revenue and are looking to sell your Company, our team can help find a qualified buyer by matching you with one or more Private Equity firms, Family Offices or Strategic Acquirers.   




If you are/represent a Private Equity firm, Family Office/HNW individual or Strategic Acquirer seeking to buy one or more businesses, our team can help find the right opportunities.


Current Listings

Listings with $5m or more in Annual Revenue are currently available in the following sectors:

Technology/SaaS/Cybersecurity/Fintech - Healthcare -Wellness/Nutrition - Logistics - Oil & Gas - Pharma/Biotech - Aerospace/Defense - Residential & Commercial Construction - Food & Beverage - Consumer Products - Apparel - Industrial Manufacturing

Mergers and Acquisitons, Sell My Company, Sell My Business, Buy A Business, Healthcare Acquisitons, Technology Acquisitons, Beverage Acquisitons, Food Acquisitions, Manufacturer Acquisitons, Cybersecurity Acquisitons, Logistics Acquisitions

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